Access Control


Black Lab Alarm provides Access Control Systems in MA and beyond.  Access Control provides as much protection to your business facility as do other systems such as alarm systems and video surveillance.

Controlling access control systems restrict certain employees, vendors and others from entering sensitive areas, it limits access during specific time windows and provides an audit trail to track employee movement.

Cloud-based access control:

Cloud-based access control back-up and hosting services provided by Black Lab Alarm saves you time, storage space and money, as well as protects against data loss.

Reduce dependency on your IT personnel and allow them to concentrate efforts elsewhere. Or if your company does not have IT personnel, we can provide the hosting and back up functions.

Cloud-based access control systems provide many new benefits that users of traditional access control systems can identify with.

Also, you will have the peace of mind that your information is backed up and stored remotely to ensure that your data is safe during outages and other situations.

access-sm-imgOur hosted and managed access control services relieve you of all the burdens such as time constraints, data storage capacity and loss during power outages and more.

Access control of all types also ensures safety for your employees by providing a much-needed layer of protection when an alarm system isn’t active during hours of operation, for instance.

Stop entrants with the wrong intentions from entering during business hours when your most precious assets are present—your employees, clients and vendors.

So whether it’s during a typical work day or after hours during second and third shifts, protect the people who matter most and track and direct employees when management isn’t present to monitor.

We will consult with you to determine which of the following options is best for your situation:

  • How many card readers need to be installed and where? Which type of credential is best for your situation–a card or fob? If it’s a card, should it be a magnetic stripe or a proximity card?
  • Is biometrics necessary to ensure the highest level of access control in order for a person’s identity to be confirmed by her fingerprints, iris/retina, etc?
  • Should your access control system be integrated with alarm and video surveillance system?
  • How and from where should you control your access control system’s parameters, such as when doors should automatically unlock, which employees are granted access to certain areas, etc.? We will advice you when to use a web-based, software-installed or hosted management system.

Intercom Systems:

Can installing an intercom system improve your access control needs or would an upgrade benefit your facility with more effective screening?

Allow for keypad entry, add video to your intercom function to ensure that the person granted access is legitimate, prevent “piggy-backing” where an unauthorized person follows another through the entrance.

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