Video Surveillance


Black Lab Alarm is your partner and guide within the constantly-evolving video surveillance environment. We are a full-service provider of security cameras and video surveillance in MA, as well as digital video recording, remote video monitoring and more.

With technology advancing today more rapidly than ever, you need a provider who will advise you on ways to achieve results in the following areas:

Apprehend vandals or thieves. Have peace of mind that your property is being monitored when you are not there. Black Lab Alarm will ensure that protection is provided in all conditions, such as in low or no light, inclement weather, etc.

With all the choices nowadays, security cameras can be installed easily, but will they be effective? After all, don’t you want them to perform when it counts? Allow Black Lab Alarm to install them expertly and cost effectively.

Upgrade to high-resolution security cameras. Many businesses and homes currently have security cameras installed, but do they suit the needs and specific situation? For instance, just having video surveillance in your business may seem proper, but when it comes down to it, is the security camera going to produce quality footage to identify perpetrators or activate upon any motion in dark areas?

Black Lab Alarm will help you achieve facial recognition of vandals, record in low and no light and be able to enlarge an image and still maintain a clear resolution.

Upgrading to IP and megapixel security cameras allow the needs to be fulfilled.

Remotely view video footage. Save travel time and fuel costs. Ensure quality service is being provided by employees when you’re away. Check in on your home or business when you’re not there to ensure that all is safe.

You can view your business or home from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time. Receive peace of mind that your property and those close to you are safe, whether you’re a business owner or homeowner who is checking in on a vacation property, a nanny or pets.

Streamline recording options with customization. Whether it’s a DVR or a networked recording device, ensure that finding vital footage is easy. Also, set parameters to achieve the best results, such as recording upon motion, at a certain time of the day, within certain fields of view and more.

Save money by integrating with alarm and access control systems. Video surveillance provides the most effective results when combined with other systems such as access control for a synergistic effect.

For instance, when an employee swipes an access card at an entrance, ensure that it is the correct person by triggering your security cameras to record the event at the same time.

Protect and monitor employees. In today’s work environment, employees need to feel safe in their workplace. Proper security cameras convey a peace of mind, record footage of controversial events and allow for monitoring to achieve quality service.

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