Intrusion Alarms & Monitoring


Black Lab Alarm offers protection for both business and families with our fully-integrated commercial and residential security systems for superior intrusion alarm monitoring in MA.

Technology allows us to be in touch with our properties more than ever when we’re not there. Black Lab Alarm provides you with this opportunity, trains you on how to use it most effectively and advises you going forward while it is in use.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Alarm Monitoring. Black Lab Alarm uses a UL-Listed 24/7 alarm monitoring service to ensure that when an event occurs at your property any time of day or night, that immediate notification is made to stakeholders and authorities.

Remote Access. Facility Managers and other key personnel can save time and money by accessing the alarm system remotely. We will set you up to change alarm systems settings, check on alerts and more without needing to be present at the site.

Protect Employees. With reports that inform you when and if an employee closed the facility safely or arrived on time, peace of mind can be provided to them as well as management.

Environmental Monitoring. Commercial Alarm systems not only provide alarm monitoring for break-ins, they also monitor temperatures in server rooms, if pipes are in danger of freezing, carbon monoxide levels, liquid leakage and more. Ensure that your entire facility is protected, not just the doors and windows.

Integration with Video and Access Control. Be completely informed if an alarm is tripped. Integrate your alarm system with your security cameras, for instance. See the event occurring while authorities are responding, or even realize that it is a false alarm by viewing the situation on your phone or computer.

Advice in Addition to Service

We will advise you on whether to use wireless or hard wired equipment, what type of motion detectors to use and the amount of coverage they provide, where to place keypads and more.

Black Lab Alarm is here as your advisor, not just to install your equipment. Our local office will field any questions and our knowledgeable technicians and consultants will handle any concerns in person.

It is also important to be protected from downed lines in a storm, for instance, or if you don’t use a traditional wired phone. We provide cellular back up to accommodate for these situations.

Residential Alarm Systems

int-sm-imgBlack Lab Alarm realizes that when it comes down to it, protecting your family matters the most. We certainly help prevent material assets from being stolen and your property from being compromised, but in the end, we are here to first and foremost provide safety for your loved ones.

We use state-of-the art and user-friendly alarm systems to provide the most effective protection and streamline your experience.

We equip your home with a full suite of devices to prevent intrusion, detect carbon monoxide and more.

You’ll be able to choose between wireless motion detectors which avoid invasive wiring inside your home, or hard wired motions which are tied to your electrical system.

We also offer home video surveillance with remote video monitoring from any device.

Take advantage of devices that detect breaks into cellar windows, glass break detectors and much more including wireless transmitters to remotely disarm your system or keep by your bedside for immediate contact to the authorities.

For instance, would you like to remotely disarm your alarm system while you’re pulling into your driveway? Or  check on your system’s status while you’re out to ensure that you armed it?  Use any device to take advantage of this.

Our systems not only prevent break-ins, but they also provide other benefits such as sounding a chime on your keypad which sounds if a toddler has walked out a door, for example.

Environmental Monitoring

We also believe in a complete suite of systems to protect your home. This includes carbon monoxide alarm monitoring, flood detection, protection from pipes being frozen and other environmental monitoring.

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