3 Security Needs of Life Science Companies

1. Cloud-based Back up and hosting of Access Control
With so much at stake in terms of research and developmental assets, security needs of life science companies are of high-importance.

Researchers, healthcare professionals and patients are just some of the stakeholders involved in the access control systems of life sciences companies.

Having a secure, cloud-based and online access control system is not only important, it’s completely achievable.

With HIPA and other healthcare compliance issues, proper back up is vital. To say that lab results and drug approval information are important to back up properly is understatement.

And to be able to do so safely and securely while not taking up crucial and costly storage space on your own services is a tremendous advantage.

2. Remote Video Surveillance
With the size and scope of life sciences companies, it is very common to have several sites. These span not only regions and states, but also countries.

With IP-based remote video surveillance, leaders, facilities professionals and security personnel can remotely view the operations of sites across the city and the world.

Save time and other resources by not having to travel from site to site to ensure quality and security.

Not only will access be approved, but clarity and quality of image can also be improved. Along with IP video, megapixel technology can be employed to improve the image quality.

Why install security cameras if they are not accessible worldwide and produce high-resolutions images?

3. Fire Testing and Service
With some of the most important and private files of any business vertical, life sciences need state-of-the-art and ultra-dependable fire systems.

Some companies may not want to invest in the testing and inspections of fire safety systems, but life sciences must be in compliance and fully-operational in case of fire.

Installation and service is important too. From sprinklers to panic bars on exit doors. Fire safety is one area that must be solid for life science companies.

We hope this brief report on how to bolster the security of life sciences was helpful. For a full report and an assessment of your facilities, please contact Black Lab Alarm in Woburn, MA.

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