Security Cameras and other Video Protection for Schools

School security is on the mind of school leaders more than ever. And worst of all, students and families have recent horrific events at schools across the country in the back of their minds as well.

It’s unfortunate that school security cameras and other video protection for schools had to evolve from simply having a designated school-assigned police officer on the property. Now, many students have to pass through metal detectors when they enter.

We would like to discuss some security measures that schools can take, and at the same time, not cause students, families and staff feel too overwhelmed.

Exacq security cameras, used by Black Lab Alarm in schools, are shown to protect students and personnel at schools, as can be seen on Exacq’s website.

As it states, schools are able to use their existing wiring and other infrastructure to take the next step in video surveillance protection. Black Lab installs Exacq Video Management Systems in schools to take advantage of this fact.

This is able to be done because many schools have existing analog cameras, and using the Exacq Video Management System allows for them to be integrated with more advanced, high-resolution video such as high-definition IP/megapixel security cameras.

Another thing to consider with your school security camera system, is the installation of 360-degree cameras. Since the peace of mind of the students is a major goal, then the ability to have fewer actual cameras present while achieving the same level of coverage, can be advantageous.

One 360-degree camera can take the place of many others and provide excellent coverage. The fewer cameras students and visitors alike observe, the less concerned they may feel.

Along with security cameras for school security, video combined with access control is very important as well.

Many schools have had intercom systems for years, and they are a big help. But school administrators who don’t have video added to their intercom system, may want to consider installing newer units with the ability to visually screen visitors as well.

We all know how important it is to view the demeanor of someone requesting access to your school, not just their voice.

Video cameras can come installed in the video intercom units themselves, or mounted separately in such a way to capture the entire area of the entrance. This gives the person granting access a better feel for who’s entering.

We hope this information helped regarding video surveillance to boost security. Please contact Black Lab Alarm in Woburn, MA for more help.

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