Upgrade to Cloud Based Access Control. 5 Benefits.

You have most likely heard of the term “cloud” in relation to the internet. This relatively new concept can not only make your life easier with your personal internet and storage needs, but can improve things for you business access control system as well.  Consider an upgrade to cloud based access control.  5 Benefits.

Traditional access control systems are certainly still adequate to protect your facility, but cloud-based access control systems should be considered, whether to upgrade or to install as a new system.

Here are five benefits to upgrading your access control system to a cloud-based model, or to starting new with one such system:

Save Money.
Lower your workload thereby lowering your costs. This doesn’t mean just eliminating positions of IT employees, it can also mean freeing these important assets of your company so they can be used elsewhere and not bogged down so much.

Not only will we be able to the service and maintenance that these employees provide to your access control system, but we can handle the hosting and back-up functions.

Save Time.
Having us provide the back up and hosting capabilities mentioned above allows other administrators such as office managers to concentrate on other vital duties.

Many times, these employees will be in charge of the hosting of your access control system, but now we can handle this.

Save Storage Room.
Room on your server and bandwidth are issues that leaders and IT employees are continually concerned about. Having Black Lab Alarm create space on your system by hosting your system in the cloud (and backing it up) saves much needed storage space for other files.

Save Worries.
Data loss will no longer be an issue if you allow Black Lab Alarm to back-up your access control files. Not only will you never suffer data loss, but you will not incur a security interruption, thereby costing valuable down-time expenses.

Save Effort.
Using a desk-top or mobile device, you can set customized schedules for certain personnel at various locations and at different times with ease.

Eliminate local servers by switching to a cloud-based access control system. Easily add and delete functions on your system.

We hope you learned how upgrading to a cloud-based access control system can provide several benefits. Please contact us at Black Lab Alarm for a free assessment and visit to your business.

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